My Works

Here I am listing WordPress plugins which I made. All these plugins are developed by me and I am the solely owner of these. If anybody want to use it, then do that without any hesitation, download them from their respective download buttons.

Owner Info Widget

It is a WordPress plugin which lets you add a widget to the sidebar. The widget actually created in mind to display site owner quick info, such as name, short description, photo and social profile links. The working example you can find on this site sidebar which showing my short description with image.

Ad box

This plugin is to place an advertising banner to your blog with title and description of the ad. Also you can customize the ad for particular any post of your blog and the main attractive feature of this plugin is that it will fix the ad to the top of the site while scroll down to the bottom of the site after its position at the sidebar.

This plugin also available in wordpress plugin directory.

Simple Bootstrap Testimonials

This is a WordPress plugin that shows testimonials on a WP site. It has a widget and shortcode features, which lets you display testimonial anywhere on your site. This plugin created with bootstrap and shows testimonials in a bootstrap carousel.

An working example of this plugin is on a site of a client of Medust Technology Pvt. Ltd. They are one of the best wedding planner & caterer based in Kolkata.


This plugin adds bounce popup to convert bounce traffic of the site to leads and also it improves bounce rate of the site. This plugin helps you increase landing page/website conversion rates. This project is based on ouibounce library created by carlsednaoui.