What is Google Adwords? Why and How to Use it?

What is Google Adwords

Whether you are new to this digital marketing world or an old one, you may have already heard about Google Adwords. Here in this article I am going to discuss why it plays major role in digital marketing in 2017 and why you should also consider using it.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords or simply Adwords is an advertising platform provided by Google, which lets you display your ad while people searching through products or services related to your business on Google. This means you can choose how much you are willing to pay for the keywords people searching on Google, and based on your bidding amount Google will determine on which page & position your ad will appear.

Suppose you own a momo center and want to reach more people to grow your business. Wouldn’t it be great, while people searching through best momos in your selected areas on Google, your ad shows with direction, call button, ratings and many more?

Google Adwords lets you choose what you want to display, when you want to display and to whom you want to display your ad. You can customize and choose how much you want to pay and you will pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Why Adwords?

To run any business successfully marketing plays a major role. There are lots of traditional medium where people advertise their business since ages. But now in this digital era business is booming as never before. There are lots of startups, small and medium scale businesses opening each day and running regularly.

Now people live online, search online, interact online, and make purchases online. With their mobile and cheap internet connection people can ask google whatever they want and wherever they want. And you will agree with me that this way we can reach to more potential customers exactly when they are looking for something related to our products/services, rather than showing ads on TV or any printed media.

You may be wondering okay I get it digital media is more promising and accurate than traditional media for marketing, but there is organic SEO and I have not to pay any money to google to Show my page on google search.

Yes, I understand that but as SEO takes time and lot of efforts. Also there is no guarantee that your site will definitely rank in top position on first page within certain period of time as daily increasing competition for ranking on Google.

Let’s assume you have an online store for women dressing lineup and you want to sell your products through your ecommerce site. So you started focusing on organic SEO and after 6 months of time & effort you get a second page position or sometimes bottom of first page on google search result pages. But this is not actually going to worth it. You are not getting enough sales which you have thought before.

Now let’s face it, in real world scenario no one can wait for so long and have near to zero in return. By using adwords you can up and run your ad at your desirable place on search result and also you can improve your ad quality and other factors by getting a lot of useful insights of ad performance. Eventually in long term you can get a much higher ad ranking by paying less for a click.

And that’s what make your business grow a lot faster, smother and easier!

How to use Adwords?

To use Google Adwords you need to first sign up with adwords with your gmail account. After signing up you’ll be assigned with an account ID by google and this is associated with your email & password. Within your account you can create campaigns and within a campaign you can have several ad groups. Ad groups associated with bunch of related keywords and several ads related to these keywords.

You can have multiple ads for a set of keywords and google will automatically rotate these ads and display most performing and relevant ads to its users. Ads are similar to what you find in google search result pages with a green colored “ad” within a box placed at the left of the page URL.

To get started create a campaign and give it a name as you wish and set it around your campaign goal. Now give it a few settings, such as your targeted location, your bid amount (max. CPC), device preferences etc. Now to create ad group give it a name and create a few variations of your ad and then put a set of keywords related to these ads and also make sure they closely relate to each other. That means don’t put keywords having “lehenga” in it with keywords related “kurtis”. Set your ad groups properly to match this alignment.

And there you have it!

Now you know the concept of adwords and its importance with a basic guideline. So what do you think about it? Are you going to use it or skip it for now?

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