5 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO & Digital Marketing

Keywords are the main reason behind any successful digital marketing campaign. If you are good at finding the best keywords for your website and create contents accordingly. It is safe to say that you are already 70% ahead of the game. Here I’ll tell you about 5 free keyword research tools which will give you enough keyword ideas to analyze & choose for your website.

If you are doing SEO for your website, then you can be benefitted with long-term organic traffic by choosing the right keyword. For digital marketing or Google Adwords campaigns, keywords play the major role. If you bid on wrong keywords, then you’ll be wasting your money without meeting your goals.

By analyzing keywords you can see reports like keyword search volume, competition etc. by which you can find out the value of a keyword. If you invest your effort & money in the right keyword that will bring you online success.

So let’s start discussing those free keyword research tools without wasting any more time.

1. Google Keyword Planner

The first & most popular keyword research tool on my list is the keyword planner tool provided by Google. On keyword planner, we can get keyword ideas based on our phrases or URL of a website. This tool provides monthly search volume, competition & bidding cost of each keyword. Also, it gives you the flexibility to filter keyword suggestion based on the location of a country, state or city.

This tool comes with Google Ads (formerly Adwords), although Google ads is a paid platform for advertisement, keyword planner is free to use. It shows the bidding price of each keyword, which will help you estimate & plan your paid marketing campaigns.

2. Ubersuggest

This tool is almost similar to Google keyword planner. Here we can get monthly search volume, competition & CPC (Cost-per-Click) data for every keyword ideas. After getting the ideas we can select keywords and import them into a CSV file.

Here in this tool, we can filter keywords by location by country and use negative filters to optimize our keyword suggestions.

3. Keyword Shitter

This tool has a quiet weird name with not so good looking interface to work with. But this tool works pretty well. Actually, it gives you way more ideas than those previous tools mentioned above. We can use positive & negative filters to optimize our result.

But here we have a disadvantage too, it doesn’t provide search volume, CPC, and other data. It only dumps lots of keyword ideas based on our phrases. This tool is completed with the next tool I’m going to tell you.

4. Keywords Everywhere

This is a free browser extension available on for both chrome & firefox. When we install & activate it in our browser, we can get competition data, search volume & CPC for almost every platform where we can put keywords.

By getting these data our previous tool keyword shitter is complete. Also, we can get keyword ideas on google with these additional data besides those keywords on Google, YouTube. On search console, search analytics we will have extra 3 columns with additional data. This is one of my favourite keyword research tool.

5. Answer The Public

This is last, but not the least free tool in my list today. This tool provides keywords in a form of questions. It is the best to fit for finding titles of a blog post. It provides a visual representation of keywords which we can download as an image and import into CSV file.

So, this is my list of free keyword research tools. Hope it helps you in the process of making & promoting your website pages and articles. Here I have made a YouTube video to demonstrate the usage of these tools below.

If you have any question and query regarding these tools or if you think there are other free tools which should be in this list, then let me know by commenting down below.

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