1. Hi,
    It is showing me error after i added google-services file and added the credentials in build.gradle files
    I have to open and run my app through android studio and in that it doesn’t show error, but when in vs code i type “npx react-native run-android”, it shows big error

  2. Getting below error:

    A problem occurred configuring project ‘:app’.
    > Failed to notify project evaluation listener.

  3. Hi Debnath,

    Thank you for your wonderful videos on React Native. I was following your Social App and after coding Google Login, it worked in development, But after I created the apk, it is showing Google accounts to choose for login, but after I select, it is not doing anything. Can you guide me what could have gone wrong? Thanks in advance

  4. hello sir
    i have an a error while i ma signing in google with fireabse the Error is
    Error:Devloper error
    please sir resolve my problem
    i am waiting for your response

  5. Hello sir, i have problem after following this tutorial,

    so , After i released the google integrated app, i get error. which is where when i open the application and it immediately exits itself

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