React Native Training

Course Fees: ₹ 15000(INR)
Course Duration: 30 Hours

Prerequisite: React JS

Introduction to React Native

  • What is React Native & why?
  • What is really native in react native?
  • Setting up Android Studio
  • Running app on android Simulator & on a real device
  • Setting up Xcode for iOS development
  • Running app on iPhone simulator

Working with React Native Components

  • Creating layouts with View
  • Adding Text
  • Getting user inputs by TextInput
  • Adding Buttons for user interactions
  • Create custom interaction experience with Touchable components
  • Adding Image
  • Use Modal
  • Using a ScrollView
  • Create custom components
  • Generate list properly

Styling React Native App

  • StyleSheet component
  • Understanding flexbox
  • Positioning elements with flexbox
  • Styling text & other components
  • Adding inline styles
  • Creating responsive design

Navigating within React Native App

  • Install react-navigation package
  • Screen-based navigation
  • Tab-based navigation
  • Creating a side drawer
  • Customize our screens

Using Redux with React Native

  • Install redux & setup
  • Create store
  • Setup action & reducer
  • connecting react native to redux

Debugging React Native App

  • Debugging using remote JS debugging method
  • Debugging with react native debugger
  • debugging redux

Linking & Using Third-Party Library

  • Installing the library
  • Adding the library to Android
  • Adding the library to iOS
  • Using the library features

Handling HTTP Requests

  • GET data from the server
  • POST data to the server
  • Handling errors
  • Sending http requests
  • Fixing errors

Using Native Device Features – Map Location, Camera, Photo Gallery

  • Installing react-native-maps
  • Rendering Google map on both Android & iOS
  • Getting the device location
  • Installing react-native-image-picker
  • Pick an image from photo gallery
  • Capture photo using the camera

Authentication with Firebase

  • What is Firebase
  • Setup Firebase
  • Enable Firebase authentication
  • Login & signup the user
  • Working with auth token
  • Auto sign-in functionality
  • Refreshing the token

Publishing The App

  • Adding app icon
  • Adding a splash screen
  • Configure & build the app
  • Publish the app to play store(android) & app store(iOS)